Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Your Post Cards Made a Difference!

Cincinnati City Council is about to adopt a 2008 budget that includes maintaining the Arts Grant Programs!

Council Members unanimously supported the funding of the arts grant program for one more year!

In addition, the 2008 Budget Motion, already signed by a council majority, includes a plan to consolidate funding programs for Individual artists and Small Arts Organizations! 
Read the motion here. (see "Miscellaneous" at the very end). 

This is a new attitude toward arts planning, and an essential first step to establishing a city arts program with vision as well as a long-range plan for funding it.

We saved the arts for one more year, but it isn't over yet. 

Funding for our major arts organizations and the competitive arts grant program for small arts organizations is being covered by a grant from the Haile Foundation for just one more year! The city needs to figure out how to fund these crucial programs on its own by November 2008. 

Your postcards showed that people are paying attention to the City Arts policies and that City Arts funding is important.

Please support this new attitude in City Hall so this isn't a yearly arts community project.

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