Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Approach to Arts Planning at City Hall

The Enquirer recognized City Council Member Chris Monzel as someone to watch this year as an influential force in the arts. Mr. Monzel is the new chair of the Arts, Culture, Tourism, etc. Committee of City Council, and it looks like he is off to a great start.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Your Post Cards Made a Difference!

Cincinnati City Council is about to adopt a 2008 budget that includes maintaining the Arts Grant Programs!

Council Members unanimously supported the funding of the arts grant program for one more year!

In addition, the 2008 Budget Motion, already signed by a council majority, includes a plan to consolidate funding programs for Individual artists and Small Arts Organizations! 
Read the motion here. (see "Miscellaneous" at the very end). 

This is a new attitude toward arts planning, and an essential first step to establishing a city arts program with vision as well as a long-range plan for funding it.

We saved the arts for one more year, but it isn't over yet. 

Funding for our major arts organizations and the competitive arts grant program for small arts organizations is being covered by a grant from the Haile Foundation for just one more year! The city needs to figure out how to fund these crucial programs on its own by November 2008. 

Your postcards showed that people are paying attention to the City Arts policies and that City Arts funding is important.

Please support this new attitude in City Hall so this isn't a yearly arts community project.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Update 12/12: Council supporting Grant Program! Keep pressure on for long term plan

Most members of City Council have now made motions to either specifically fund the arts grant program for 2008 or to accept the Mayor's budget recommendations which includes this funding!

But don't stop sending post cards! Please add to the stack of mail that tells the mayor and members of council that the arts supporters are paying attention. 

More than this annual handout, we need a City Arts policy and a commitment to Funding Arts programming that is more than 12 months, so we don't have to beg for funding EVERY SINGLE YEAR.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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The Funding Details--updated 11/30/07

On Friday November 16, The City Manager's Budget included the following recommendation:
(Review the entire document at:

Significant Program Changes 
Title: Eliminate Arts Grants Program 
Budget Amount: ($216,120) Fund: General Fund FTE: -1.8 
This represents the elimination of the Arts Grants program within the Recreation Department.  
The City will no longer be involved in the competitive artist grants, and the Arts Consortium 
will no longer receive budget dollars to help offset its costs. 
This decrease in funding is recommended due to the limited nature of General Fund resources.  
The decrease amount is net of personnel resources in the amount $10,830 needed to fund sixty 
days of employment in 2008, prior to the separation of the full-time employee. 
p. 339 City of Cincinnati 
Recommended 2008 Operating Budget Update


The Arts – Small Arts Capital and Individual Artists Grants Program 

The Small Arts Capital and Individual Artist Grants program supports two key areas of a 

strong arts community, smaller arts institutions and individual artists.  Cincinnati has a 

long tradition of strong support for our arts and cultural community.  This program is 

vital foster a diverse and vibrant arts community by ensuring that our smaller arts 

institutions and our individual artists are strongly supported.  I recommend restoring 

$216,120 to fund the Small Arts and Individual Artist Grants program to provide 

The text posted here before was mistakenly from the mayor's response from LAST year. But the substance is pretty similar.

Unclear here is the mayor's position on Grants for larger Arts Organizations as well as the staff position to support the grants program mentioned in the Manager's budget above. The $216,000 listed here is certainly not enough to cover all of these expenses.

Last year's budget compromise ended in a series of vague agreements and lots of uncertainty about the future of City Arts Funding. Some funding is better than no funding, but when funds are distributed without a fair and predictable process, it makes any kind of arts planning impossible--both for the city and the members of the arts community.

City Council will vote on this budget following a series of Public Hearings. Last year a majority of council members DID NOT SUPPORT the Mayor's recommendation to keep arts funding in the budget. The result was a late night compromise that allowed a private funder to cover arts organization grants for two years while the city worked on a long-range plan to stabilize arts funding and keep the grant program out of this annual budget battle. 

THE CITY has not done its homework. There has been no plan!

So send your postcards. Show council that City Arts Funding is Important to you.

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